Graphic showing pre-requisites and preparation for beomcing a novice interpreter

Prerequisites for Entering the Lattice
  • Have three years of recent interpreting experience in various settings
  • Have B.A. or B.S. degree
  • Have RID, NAD, or BEI certification
  • Have documentation of current inoculations
  • Comply with all security and background check requirements
  • Complete 50 hours observing healthcare interpreting
Additional Preparation

Use resources from

Take workshops on ethics, standards of practice, and cultural diversity

Complete introductory coursework

  • Medical terminology
    • Medical terminology courses at a local community college or take an online course like this one.


Document your progress on the worksheets in Using the Healthcare Interpreting Career Lattice (PDF).

Moving Up the Lattice

Once you have completed these prerequisites, you are ready to move on to working as:

Novice Healthcare Interpreter

This is a viable entry point for Deaf or hearing interpreters who have satisfied the pre-requisites. Ideally work is supervised 75% of the time.

May be qualified to undertake the following types of assignments:

      • Routine and low risk assignments
      • Routine physical exams
      • Routine doctor’s office visits
      • Non-critical follow up appointments
      • Interpreting at blood drives or health fairs
      • General health and nutrition courses
      • Childbirth courses
      • Physical therapy
      • Occupational therapy
      • Well patient checkups

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