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An Appointment in Gastroenterology

An Appointment in Gastroenterology – Overview

Overview This resource offers a unique opportunity to prepare for interpreting in medical settings, particularly those within a Gastroenterology department. Originally conceived as a companion to “STOMACH THIS! The Digestive System in ASL and English,” this resource... read more

Suggestions for Use

1. Work with “STOMACH THIS!” to develop a better understanding of the digestive system. Using the “STOMACH THIS!”  develop your understanding of the structure and function of the digestive system. See below for details. Working with STOMACH THIS! Part of... read more

Preparing for a Gastroenterology Appointment

1. Identify and understand possible conditions. Looking at the anatomy and physiology in “STOMACH THIS!” focuses on a healthy digestive system. In the midst of doctor appointments, perspectives tend to be looking at how the system is out of balance. Use the following... read more

Interpreting Video in Patient Education

In clinical settings, patients often watch videos describing procedures which they will undergo. In Ithis next movie, Mary Jane Harrington, the lead nurse in the Gastroenterology Department of Health Partners, provides an overview of two commonly used procedures in... read more

Relationship of Consecutive & Simultaneous Interpreting

The main situations on this resource are provided in both its complete version which is designed for practicing simultaneous interpretation and in sections designed to facilitate consecutive interpretations. While it is suggested that you may want to begin in a... read more

Handling Check-In

The first step in a medical interaction generally happens at check-in and does not always include the Deaf patient. Most often, you need to check in at the appropriate desk to either locate the patient, or to be prepared to interpret for that patient?s registering.... read more