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January 2024 Module: Public Health

This course will be available January 1-31. The goal of the learning modules is to focus on different aspects of public health. It is important to recognize how cultural differences impact the interpreting needs.

March 2024 webshop: Employment’s Impact on Healthcare Outcomes

This course will be available March 1-31. Employment and health are inextricably linked. Employment and income have a direct impact on life expectancy, quality of life, and healthcare costs. Relatedly, medical health…

Independent Study Packets for CEUs

The PDF study packets available are designed so you can download and print them out. They also have the appropriate forms filled out to initiate an independent study. All you need to do is contact an approved sponsor through RID’s CMP/ACET program who handles independent study. To locate an approved sponsor, visit RID’s searchable database. […]

When and how will I get my certificate?

For modules, you will receive the certificate once your CEUs are verified and processed whereas for webshops, you will get your certificate automatically upon submission of CEU/Certificate request form. Please note that occasionally certificates take time to generate. You may email catiecenter@stkate.edu if you did not receive your certificate.  Your certificate will be emailed to […]

Are there any exceptions to the certification requirements for modules?

We recognize that there are people outside of certification requirements who would benefit from these modules as well, however, waivers are not offered at this time. Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA) is the federal department that funds our project and it is in our agreement that the CATIE Center Behavioral Health Interpreting modules be limited to […]

Do you process BEI CEUs for the module?

BEI members can use the certificate they earn from our module to submit to BEI for them to process their CEUs.